DARK HORSE Transformer

Iron Horse Archon

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DARK HORSE Transformer
Upgrade Your Type B Gen 2

This Type-B upgrade transforms your existing archon Type-B into an Iron Horse "DARK HORSE" Type B.

the "DARK HORSE" Type B is Iron Horse's ultimate package. Carefully crafted to surpass expectations, the "DARK HORSE" possesses every accessory, upgrade, and redesign for the most rewarding shooting experience.  Expert gunsmiths meticulously refine every "DARK HORSE" to the maximum potential inherent to the Archon Type B.


  • DARK HORSE Slide Machining Package
  • Holy Grail Trigger
    • Reduced Trigger-Pull, 4 Lbs.
    • Zero Over-travel
    • 2mm Reset
    • All Internals Polished
    • Trigger Icon: Laser Etched Golden Holy Grail 
  • Optic Ready: Holosun EPS Carry MRS Red Included
  • DARK HORSE Optic Plate Cover Included
  • Custom Low-Recoil Progressive Spring Kit
  • Night Fision Tritium Night Sights: Red Outline Front
  • Hybrid Pro-Grip Texture

These upgrades require shipping your Type B Gen II pistol to our facility where our master gun-smith will preform the necessary upgrades. For those who would rather preform the installation themselves, you can also find most of these items à la carte in our Accessory section.

Since the firearms is shipping for "gunsmith work" there is no change of ownership and therefore no need to use an FFL to ship your firearm. As alway these rules can very from state to state so it is your responcibility to ship in accordance with your local laws. If in doubt ask your local FFL.

Ship to address:

Iron Horse Distribution
528 W Main
Vernal, Utah 84078

*Turnaround time is a first in industry 30 days or less. Return shipping is calculated at checkout.

(Disclaimer: Please ensure compliance with all local, state, and federal firearm regulations when purchasing)

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