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  • Iron Horse Firearms
  • 888-904-7230
  • 25 NORTH 400 WEST, #6, NORTH SALT LAKE, UTAH, 84054
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Corporate Profile Overview

Iron Horse Firearms, LLC


Established: 2017                                                 

DBA: Iron Horse Firearms


Location: North Salt Lake, UT

Email: support@ironhorsefirearms.com Phone:(888)904-7230

FB: facebook.com/ironhorsefirearms

IG: instagram.com/ironhorsefirearms

IN: linkedin.com/company/iron-horse-firearms/


Ryan McDonald - CEO

Troy Conant - President

Anthony Roberson - CTO

Eric Walker - CFO

Jimi Story - CRO

Brian Cassel - COO


Iron Horse Firearms is a veteran owned and operated business named after the Iron Horse Marines of 4th Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion. Founded and proudly residing in the Beehive State, Iron Horse was born from Charlie Company Camp Williams Utah, where many of the officers and members of the Iron Horse board served together in the battalion the company is named after. Iron Horse continues to focus on hiring and training Americas veterans and patriots.

    1. Provide our customers with the most innovative and reliable American manufactured products found anywhere in the marketplace.

    2. Creating a company culture that promotes self development, discipline, work satisfaction, and flexible career paths focused on growth. And we have lots of fun too.

    3. Be a great partner to our investors, focused on providing transparency, exceeding expectations, and providing reliable consistent growth and return. 




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